Saturday, October 25, 2014

Maze Solving Robot

I am in my last school years, so we decide, me and a friend of mine, to build a robot more smart and more complicated than a robot sumo or a line follower. 
But we would liked to participate in a contest. So we decided to build a maze solving robot! 

We can found a lot of document about those robot in internet! After a lot of research this is our design : 

The PCB design it not really finish, but our choices of component are made.
We have choose :

Processor: SAM3X8E ARM Cortex M3 Atmel
Motors: Faulhaber 2224SR + IE2-512
Sensors: QRE1113GR, SD5620, TSTS7100
Communication: Bluetooth RN42, FT232RL

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Internship

To validate my second year in my engineering school I had to make an internship abroad. So, I decide to go to the University of Plymouth in England !

The topic of my internship is to develop a smart bracelet for runners. On this bracelet, there is a GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, li-po charger, bluetooth, EEPROM and ECG sensor. All information are saved in the EEPROM during race and when you arrive in your house, you can upload all the information on your tablet. You will be able to trace some graph and the route on google map that you have made.

This is some rendering with Solidworks:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Another project !

We decide, me and a friend of mine, to build a Hexapod during the summer ! Thanks to Adrien for the 3D modeling on Solidworks !
We have already the mechanical part! Some part have been cut with a laser cut and the other part was made with a 3D printer !
Now i am working on the schematic, we will have : bluetooth connection, USB connection, wifi camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, 25 micro servo, li-po 2S charger, touch control, 10A switching supply.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Result of the competition

 - Second in the competition of follow liner
 - First for design award

Thanks Wurth Elektronik for PCBs
Thanks Meca-Fac for the fairing of the robot
Thanks ROHM Semiconductor for the DC Driver
Thanks "La Baronnerie" for aluminium support